Two kittehs share tails about their humans, Thu and Troy

Stroller studies

Our humans can be just as sneaky as cats. We over hear them talking about baby gear they saw other human parents use while outside. This is especially true about strollers, something we cats don’t understand. If the kitten can’t walk when it’s born, it sleeps or eats until it has the strength to walk. But apparently that’s not true of human babies who get carted around for years until they can stand.

The main criterion seems to be Troy’s height. At 6’4″ tall, he’s got those long legs and goofy big feet (which are hilarious to run between, making him worry he’ll step on us.) If a stroller has an axel or any bars near the ground he is certain to kick it while pushing it.

The difference between Troy and Thu’s heights mean the handles of the stroller need to be adjustable. They are also keen to find a stroller with one-handed push-ability and a brake mechanism that can be operated while sandals are worn, since the tiny human will be born in May.

Finally, neither Troy nor Thu have a good idea about what the size of the stroller should be. Today’s strollers are built like today’s cars, full of padding and reenforced bars which may be heavy to carry up stairs to our apartment. It seems that one can no longer get an umbrella stroller which actually looks like the size of an umbrella when folded.

We kittehs don’t know about these things, but are willing to pass along recommendations if any of our readers have used a stroller that accomplishes these requirements. Experienced parents may also wish to suggest other factors to consider when choosing a stroller.