Two kittehs share tails about their humans, Thu and Troy

It’s a boy!

Sorry for not posting anything yet, it’s really hard to get in a kitty nap these days let alone get on the computer. The big news is, the new baby boy, Jet Kal-El Koelling was born on May 6, 2012!! Everyone is back at home, and our humans Thu and Troy are incredibly happy. We are happy too, but happier in another room when he cries 🙂

Here’s my two brothers, one old, one very new!

Darcy Meeting Jet Koelling, May 8, 2012

New Baby

We’ve discovered that Troy and Thu are indeed developing a tiny human and it will be arriving in the middle of May. They refer to it by the code name “Project Ewok” and are keeping the gender a tight secret. Everyone is healthy and we are excited for when he or she arrives!

Nice find, Darcy!

Nice find Darcy! I bet it’s a tiny hoomin, which will grow into another food giver. Sometimes my bowl gets more than half empty before Thu feeds me, even when I helpfully meow to remind her. We should dig deeper to find out when this new family member will join us and whether it will be in time for dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner

Whilst enjoying a fine dinner of giblets, I overheard the humans talk about our house getting more crowded. Thu even mentioned getting us new clothing, sporting the mark, “Big Brother” which I think would be absolutely fabulous. Having a new cat around would also be neat, but not so neat as new clothes. I just hope it’s not two new kitties, or Thu and Troy will officially be crazy cat people.

Laundered secrets

This kitty is ready for action. I put on my darkest black fur for some sleuthing. But first a short nap in the laundry. I lost myself in the bliss of clean clothes when I was discovered (wearing a human sock. Awkward paws!) Anyway, there were no secrets belonging to Thu or Troy in the laundry, just some girl named Victoria.